If you need any kind of communications or electrical product or service, we can help. We’ve saved customers thousands of dollars by working with them to come up with the best possible solution for their needs – and we can do the same for you.


Our services range from managing turnkey projects to specific expertise in fibre optics, data, electrical, security systems and network design. We offer specialist advice and services to get your network up and running, and innovative new products that improve the use of your installed infrastructure.

Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

  • Supply, installation, termination and testing of fibre optic cables
  • Data and phone cabling services
  • Electrical services
  • Security systems including CCTV networks
  • Network design
  • Turnkey and integrated electrical and communication solutions
  • Cable supply and pre-termination, including specialist cables
  • Emergency breakdown and repair work
  • Hardware supply including racks, patch panels and wall termination enclosures
  • Training in the installation, recovery and handling of fibre optic cables
  • Sound advice to help you decide what needs to be installed to get your network up and running, plus project management

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) analysis services

FODC’s Intelligent Transport Systems analysis service enables companies pricing and delivering critical government infrastructure to define the specific and detailed requirements of the project.

Applying our deep expertise in ITS services, we take the general project scope and identify the precise requirements relevant to the project. We also have design and installation experience in fibre optic communication technologies. 

Our scope clarification process significantly reduces costs for our clients and enables more competitive quoting and cost-efficient delivery.

Contact us for all your communications and electrical needs.